Our Programmes


Being a dynamic Sport news agency, we have series of programmes and here are the synopsis;


News, local and international sports news, previews, reviews and analysis of the latest events in the sports world. Sports Express reveals the real story behind the news in the usual SportVision tradition of quality and depth. Updated every 4-6 hours to reflect news as they unfold, Sports Express will engage directly with fans on their level and bring them stories and issues that really matter to them. It will be a powerful new voice in sports news. With a full spectrum of live location reports, interviews, studio-based experts and discussion, this will be a channel with genuine appeal to real sports fans.


A discussion orientated programme that is purely dedicated to the English Premier league. With carefully laid out segments, it seeks to capitalize on the immense popularity of the English Premiership and rides on that passion to create a forum for a highly interactive exchange of views and opinions.


Interview – A no holds barred hot seat interview television sports programme where notable or news making sports personalities, in the news for the right and wrong reasons are put on the hot seat. It will discuss issues and seek to bring out hitherto hidden angles to the front burner. The interviewee may not be spared and objectivity will be the guiding principle of the show.


A complete preview of upcoming weekend’s action across all sports with special focus on all the major global events, not forgetting the local scene with insightful analysis of the likely shape the events will take


Sports Comedy – A weekly show that takes on the otherwise overlooked aspects of sports with a bias for the funnier side of things.


Basketball magazine programme, dedicated to highlighting events in both the Nigerian and the NBA basketball leagues. Again it will capitalize on the immense popularity of the NBA in Nigeria, and use that vehicle to put the spotlight on the Nigerian basketball league, both for men and women.
The major selling point of the programme will be the analysis it brings to the events in the NBA, plus the exposure AND detailed analysis of games and events in the Nigerian basketball leagues


This is a mixture of all our major programmes rolled into one and will be, and the unique thing about it is that it will be in Pidgin English. It will be the first prime time Pidgin (Broken) English sports programme to be aired in Nigeria. Targeted at everyone and potentially has a greater influence on a wider variety of listeners as the pidgin language spoken blends seamlessly with the everyday language and style with which most Nigerians talk sports. It brings into the mainstream of sports broadcasting, the thousands who would rather their undying passion for sports was presented in a language and style they could flow with and naturally appeals to them. Yet it is meant to taste upbeat and urban to align with the profile of corporate upward individuals who crave a unique style.